adidas ROCKSTARS 2019 - Stuttgart (GER) - Clips

Bouldering: „Climbing meets Music“ at an intoxicating invitational!

adidas ROCKSTARS 2019

September 13 to 14,  2019, Stuttgart (Germany)

adidas ROCKSTARS at the Porsche-Arena in Stuttgart is a top-class invitational contest for the world's best bouldering athletes. The event uniquely combines elite sports with live music turning a climbing competition into an attention-grabbing sports show. 
Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope over a crash pad. It is normally limited to very short climbs and has evolved rapidly over the last twenty years. Bouldering emphasizes power, strength, and dynamics. Already in the 1950s, American John Gill developed new climbing techniques using elements of gymnastics. Gill dismissed the three-point-system according to which three of the four limbs should always be in contact with the rock and supporting the climber. Instead, he practiced a dynamic style of movement using the momentum of the last move for the next pull, thus creating a flowing motion, the so-called “flow”. Since the 1970s, bouldering is a separate discipline in sport climbing. The goal of competitive bouldering is to reach a hold that is marked as ‘top’ using as few attempts as possible. 
In order to celebrate the heroes of the international bouldering community like 'rock stars' the organisers transform the climbing competition into an elaborately staged show with live music. A rock band provides the intoxicating musical setting for outstanding sports performances on artificial rock, stimulates the crowds during the boulder competition, and involves them in the show.