50 years Rixen Cableways 2011 - int. Wakeboard Contest - Webclip

50th anniversary 03-05 July 2011

Rixen Cableways - international Championship


Without Bruno Rixen, Wakeboarding wouldn't be nowadays what it is: After others had failed in their attempts, Bruno Rixen invented and developed the first successful water ski cableway ever. Today more than 150 of such installations have been made around the world, some operating for as long as 40 years, bringing the pleasures of water skiing and wake boarding to a much wider public. One of these wakeboard facilities is the Rixen Cableway in Aschheim near Munich, where the world's best wakeboarders celebrate the 50th anniversary in honour of Bruno Rixen's 80th birthday and his great invention with an exciting cable wakeboard contest, 10.000 Euro prize money, a spectacular waterski show and the occasion to "meet and greet Mr. Rixen".